This Sunday chalkinwe celebrated Epiphany at Duke Memorial. I love Epiphany. Here’s how we marked God’s “revealing” of God’s self in Jesus.

Chalking the Doors We lived into the tradition from the Middle Ages of chalking our doors. For their Pew Projects our children “practiced” chalking on a black piece of paper so they could chalk their doors and outsidebless their own homes. 20 and 15 stand for the new year (2015) and C+M+B stands for the names of the 3 wiseman (symbolizing hospitality/welcome to Christ) and/or for the Latin saying “Christus Mansionem Benedicat” which means “may Christ bless this house.”

Chstepsalking the Sidewalks We also blessed our church, asking people to come out after worship to share words of welcome with chalk on our sidewalk. I loved walking around the front of the church today to see the message and words of blessing written there. outside 2

Gifts for the Diaper Bank Since Epiphany is also the time when we remember the magi who visited Jesus, we asked our church to give a gift to babies in our community. Throughout the month we are collecting diapers for the Durham Diaper Bank, a non-profit that provides diapers of all sizes to families who cannot afford diapers. diapers


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