The Covenants During Lent (Year B)


This Lent our worship focused on the Old Testament covenants. Following the lectionary, we were of  the promises that sinful humans break again and again, but that God keeps faithfully. Our incredible intern, Madeline, led the Pew Projects during Lent. Each week our children created a Pew Projects for one of the covenants and we decorated the altar with them.

Noah’s rainbow – Remembering God’s promises to Noah to never again flood the earth, our children created the rainbow banner. On each triangle they wrote a promise God has made to them.

A New Name – This was the week when Sarai and Abram were given new names. Our children constructed a family tree, but not a biological tree – a tree that showed the family of our church. We also celebrated a baptism, welcoming Oliver into our new family.

Ten Commandments – We provided the children with a “kid accessible” version of the commandments. They depicted one on their tablets. At the end of worship they ripped them in half, a gesture towards the golden calf being built at the base of Mt Sinai.

Snakes in the Desert – Next up was the fascinating story of the snakes in the desert. Madeline pointed us back to another symbol (the one mentioned in the Gospel reading from John for this week) that we look up to, one that heals us – the cross. We made a beautiful stained-glass cross by giving each child a square to decorate with tissue paper.

Written on our Hearts – This Sunday we were reminded by Jeremiah of the time when the covenant would be written on our hearts. We used scratch paper to carve in a word of hope or promise. We cut those out and hung them for everyone to see.

Stones Crying Out – On Palm Sunday we transitioned intorocks Holy Week, pointing our hearts, minds, and creativity towards the cross. We switched up the Gospel to Luke to recall Jesus’ words that, if the disciples were silenced, “even the stones would cry out.” So we imagined our way into rocks crying out “Hosanna!”


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