Hymns children want to sing

This past Sunday our worship was a hymn sing. We kept the structure of our regular worship, but let hymns carry us through the prayers and liturgies.
For our Pew Project I asked children to either write their own hymn, or to write or draw the subject of a hymn that we don’t usually hear about. I looked up their request and this is what I found, noting that some are incredibly obscure:
1. Sharks
‘Tis folly all – let me no more be told – Madame Guyon
2. Bicycles/Cars
The Chariot! the chariot! its wheels roll in fire – Henry Hart Milman
(general wheels/chariot reference was as close as I could get)

3. Dance
Lord of the dance – Sydney Carter

4. Birds (So many hymns!)
The birds in sweet chorus are singing away – E. E. Hewitt
Savior, like a bird to Thee – George Doane
Sweetly the birds are singing – E.W. Chapman
5. Flowers
When spring unlocks the flowers – Reginald Heber
As flowers in the morning sun – Irvin Mack
6. Time machine (I am stumped on this one, although I have found this)
No change of times shall ever shock
7. Sisters
Let us, brothers, let us gladly Give to God of all – Henry Bateman
O sisters, come and tarry at the blessed mercy – Nellie Brush
8. Animals
All things bright and beautiful – Cecil Alexander
9. Sunshine
All creatures of our God and King – St Francis

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