Who is Jesus? banners (Year C/Epiphany)

In the season after Epiphany our church followed the lectionary through a series of lessons on the person of Jesus. Each week we looked at what the Gospel wanted us to hear about God’s Son. Our children helped us to keep these lessons in mind by creating banners each week that visualized what he heard. Here were the Pew Projects for each week:

Luke 3:15-17, 21-22 – Jesus is God’s beloved
We had the children each make a piece of mosaic. I collected these and we created a mural of water falling and a dove descending.

John 2:1-11 – Jesus does miracles
In this lesson Jesus turns water into wine at Cana. The children colored coffee filters with red or purple markers. After worship they brought their clipboards down and we sprayed them with water and saw the colors bleed into the filter, turning it from white to the color of wine.

Luke 4:14-21 – Jesus brings Good News to the poor
In this lesson Jesus reads from the scroll of Isaiah. We each took a piece of paper bag and wrote the words of Isaiah on it, and drew pictures of what Good News looks like for the people whom Jesus describes.

(We took a break for Jesus almost getting thrown off a cliff, drawing people we knew who were the poor we saw in our lives)

Luke 9:28-36, (37-43a) – Transfiguration Sunday. Jesus is God’s Son
This week we focused on the unity of the Father and the Son. The children depicted the Transfiguration and I put it together to make one big mountain. Also, I gave myself one Cyril of Alexandria-inspired fist bump for not promulgating heresy among our smallest ministers. Go hypostatic union!



Lent Workshop 2016

IMG_3682On Sunday we prepared ourselves for the coming of Lent with our Lent Workshop, a cross-generational Sunday school hour with hands-on projects to get us ready to practice Lent in the home.

Each of our practices reflected a traditional practice or orientation of the heart that emerges through the Lenten season. Here’s what we did:

Make a pretzel to eat and a clay pretzel to take home to remind you that Lent is a time for prayer.

Devotional bookshopphoto 4
Purchase a devotional book in our Lenten bookshop. Lent is a time of self-reflection

Weekly disciplines
Pick a new discipline for each week of the six weeks of Lent, a time of self-control.

Alms boxes
Decorate anIMG_3690 alms box, a place to hold your loose change. At the end of Lent bring these back to church and they will be donated to our Good Samaritan Fund to help under-resourced families in our community. Lent is a time of giving.

Lenten gardens
Prepare a garden out of dirt and grass seed. Watch it grow throughout the Lenten season as we remember that Lent is a time of waiting.

Feast and Fast
Help us decorate the bulletin board with your feasts and fasts for Lent. Lent is a season of abundance and penitence.