Lent Workshop 2016

IMG_3682On Sunday we prepared ourselves for the coming of Lent with our Lent Workshop, a cross-generational Sunday school hour with hands-on projects to get us ready to practice Lent in the home.

Each of our practices reflected a traditional practice or orientation of the heart that emerges through the Lenten season. Here’s what we did:

Make a pretzel to eat and a clay pretzel to take home to remind you that Lent is a time for prayer.

Devotional bookshopphoto 4
Purchase a devotional book in our Lenten bookshop. Lent is a time of self-reflection

Weekly disciplines
Pick a new discipline for each week of the six weeks of Lent, a time of self-control.

Alms boxes
Decorate anIMG_3690 alms box, a place to hold your loose change. At the end of Lent bring these back to church and they will be donated to our Good Samaritan Fund to help under-resourced families in our community. Lent is a time of giving.

Lenten gardens
Prepare a garden out of dirt and grass seed. Watch it grow throughout the Lenten season as we remember that Lent is a time of waiting.

Feast and Fast
Help us decorate the bulletin board with your feasts and fasts for Lent. Lent is a season of abundance and penitence.



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